October 8, 2020 | Intentionality

Are you aware of the power of your mood that penetrates the atmosphere? How much of our communication is even verbal? Well, this translates into all that we do and how much we learn. In essence, it is our mood that determines our fortune and not our fortune that determines our mood. Many times, we overlook the most magical things in life like our breath, thoughts, and emotions, which play an integral role in making the very nature of our attitudes. Well, in order for our desires or wishes to materialize, we must make sure that they are charged and empowered by the right essence of Spirit-power, or quite frankly, the right “ATTITUDE.” For your wish and desires to come to reality, you must be in the right attitude. The vibration of your attitude must match and equate the outcome of your wish and desire as if it was done already.

Reality will always match, with perfect exactness, the levels and degrees of convictions we hold in our hearts. If you think it’s not true, reality will agree with you. All reality will mirror the exact reflections of the inner convictions of the heart. First, change the way you see the world and everything in the world will change.

We must learn how to use the magic of our wish, and make it a lifestyle. Sending our wish to the universe must be brought to every situation with the right vibes in the SPIRIT. There is a lot more to molding our worlds than just the mere words that come out of our mouths. There is the spirit behind the wish sent out, or in other words, an attitude. Our attitude must produce the feeling that everything will be alright – feelings that align and agree with what we really want for the situation in our lives.

You may be asking what am I talking about. Well, let me explain.

No idea can be impressed on the heart until it is felt, and the universe aligns with the vibrations of feelings that energize our words and spurs about motion. But once the feeling is felt – whether it is good, bad, or impartial – it will harmonize a particular tone or frequency that will be expressed in our world through circumstance.

Feeling, is the one and only medium through which ideas are conveyed to the heart. This inner tone and frequency created by feelings are played outwardly as the attitude or spirit by which we operate.

So, if we do not learn to control how we feel about people, places, things, and situations, etc. in our lives, then we may easily impress on the heart undesirable states of emotion from these tones and frequencies. This emotional state then becomes the attitude or spirit by which we cast our desires upon reality. This unintentionally may be the very thing that is hindering the fulfillment of our wishes. Learning to control feeling is not a means of suppression of your feeling, but rather the disciplining of self to imagine and entertain only the feeling as contributes to the end result. 

Regulating your emotional state is the practice of persisting in feelings that agree with the fulfillment of the wish and request being answered. We must learn these techniques that we may be able to “rule our spirits.” We may find it difficult to rule reality without first ruling our attitudes and moods. Remember it is the tones and energies expressed by our moods and attitudes that paint upon the tapestry of reality and circumstances in our worlds.

The act of being able to control your feeling is all important to a mature and fulfilled life.

Do not practice entertaining feelings that disagree with what you want. Do not think about the possibilities of ways things could go wrong in any shape or form. Do not dwell on the shortcomings you may have or that others may have. Do not try to find reasons why your wish won’t be answered. 

To do so is to impress the heart with these hindrances and limitations. To do so is to promote doubt and blockage in the heart that will hinder the crystallization of your wish. The attitude that empowers your wish is a tool and a weapon! Not the words of your wish… The attitude that embodies your wish.


It is a universal law that demands us to wish for the inevitable? Why would Infinite Mind ask us to petition for what seems it is going to do anyway? What the God-Mind within is doing is preserving us with what we want, and creating space within our hearts to desire wholeheartedly our wildest dreams. We are the channels that attune our magical mind to our physical worlds – we bring the inexistence to existence.

All along we have been waiting on the universe, but the universe is waiting on US!

But in order to become more effective in the realm of manifesting our wish, we must first take awareness of our position of attitude in the realm of authority…..