OBEYAH is a way of thinking that seeks to surface and mine the untapped potentials that lay dormant within us all. 


We use mental techniques to build an awareness of the imagination that will allow us to harness this universal essence in our everyday lives. 


We will provide you with new perspectives of reality and practices that will help you manifest your wildest dreams.

OBEYAH is power. It is a belief. An African tradition. A human tradition. Obeyah is Egyptian. Obeyah is Ashanti. Obeyah is Hebrew. Obeyah is Jamaican. 


Many statements can describe Obeyah but all will only touch upon small facets. They are the reflective faces of a diamond. 


We see only what is shown back if we gaze into one face.


—Ebenezer Morgan White

Do you want to learn how to awaken and supercharge your supernatural powers and abilities?

Maybe you have felt a tug from the supernatural for a while and have tried many different spiritual paths, but have yet to find your niche.

Well, if so, then Obeyah may just be for you. Obeyah can be used and mastered by anyone. Obeyah is not a religion. Obeyah does not have a hierarchy of dieties or spirits. Obeyah is a pathway that reveals the secrets of the web of consciousness. It shows how specific shifts in consciousness within will transform your physical world.

Obeyah offers you a whole new perspective. It reminds you that you are the source of your power, not gods, or spirits. You are one with Infinite Mind or Universal Consciousness. When you shift, all of reality is altered.

Keep in mind you are not a slave but a master of your world. Practicing the belief and trust in masters and teachers external from yourself is a confession of slavery.  Remember, only slaves have masters!

Change your conception of yourself and you will, without the aid of masters, teachers, or anyone else, automatically transform your world!

The true magic of a man is the power of his thoughts and the power of his thoughts is the true magic of a man! There is nothing more powerful than an awakened mind!​

Learn to use your mind in ways unspeakable to change your world and impact those around you. You are the center of the universe for you, and when you change… the entire universe is altered. Let us then alter the universe together!

You are not here by accident or pure chance, keep an open mind and enjoy the journey!