October 1, 2020 | Intentionality

ON PURPOSE: an anticipated outcome that is predetermined or that guides your planned actions.

Nothing in life comes by pure means of accident, whether we are aware and realize this or not, all things are outcomes of the premeditations of our subconscious minds, or as the ancients called it, the heart. This becomes a very important realization as we develop our spiritual aptitude and attitude in aligning the infinite mind and universal consciousness.

The above description of the phrase “ON PURPOSE” alerts us to an amazing concept; in a nutshell we must know what we WANT. We will find it very difficult knowing what road to take, if we don’t know where we are going, if we don’t know what we want. We can be assured that we will receive only what we can perceive because our believing is our perceiving.



This concept can be identified in the usage of GPS; the first step in using GPS is to put the end destination first. This is learning how to live in the end. Then, all the situations in your life that follow, including the failures, are perfectly aligned in attaining your wish fulfilled. If you make a wrong turn while using your GPS, you are then re-routed to an appropriate path that leads to the same end destination. So to conclude such processes, what the universe gives you, what you find, what is opened and revealed to you are not based on outer effects but are based on the inner causes of your heart! These things can only be altered if you change what and how you are asking, only if you change what and how you are seeking and only if you change what and how you are knocking.

Focus the ideas of your mind and know what it is that you want. Before you ask you have to know what you are wanting to receive, before you seek you must know what it is you are wanting to find, and lastly before you knock you must know what it is you are wanting to be revealed or have opened up to you.

This is not just a one-time deal. You must practice having the attitude that says, “I won’t turn loose until I obtain what I WANT! I will ask and keep on asking until I receive it, I will seek and keep on seeking over and over again until I find it, I will knock and keep on knocking until the door opens up to me.” This is importunity, this is the urgency that refuses any and all denials of your request, the action of insistence that is repetitive and passionate. This is what trusting your power and magic looks like.

Trust that the universe supplies and gives you what you ask for through your importunate manner of approach. Learn to embrace the mentality that is captivated by the realness of your wish as though it was already fulfilled. The meaning behind this involves you imprisoning the idea that relates to the answer of your wish and not the question of your request. 

You must learn to relate your mind and incorporate the feelings of your heart with what things would look like and feel like as if you have already received what it is that you are asking for. What would things be like and how would you feel if you have already received the answer to your wish and universal request? Don’t try to figure out when you will get the answer or what means infinite consciousness will use to answer your wish. Just learn how to get excited with and abide in the feeling of the end result materialized.