October 15, 2020 | Intentionality




Do you realize that you are of divine origin? That we are very expressive and broken fractals of the infinite universe? The way we perceive ourselves will determine how we experience and process circumstances in our lives.



It is utterly important that we learn to appropriate the proper lenses of life. This will govern our reception, by the channel of perception. Why would the weak impress upon themselves the awareness of their weakness? This would make weakness more concrete. Why would the poor impress upon their consciousness that they are broke? This would only perpetuate situations that say you’re broke. The weak must declare their strength with full conviction first in order to obtain and access strength. The poor must become conscious of wealth first in order to manifest such circumstances that agree. Your feet can only walk the paths that your mind has already been. 


Practice the feeling of confidence and convictions that agree with the fulfillment of your wish as though it was already done. All of reality awaits your command, all things OBEY Infinite Consciousness that is within you. This is the heart of OBEYAH. Bringing the universal powers into obeyance with your wish as if it were already fulfilled now presently.


Understand your authority. I like to refer to authority as an attitude of spiritual prestige. Having an attitude of spiritual prestige is having an inner awareness of the state of self that is embedded in the Infinite Mind. This preeminent force of attitude will be expressed in all that we say and do. This is what some of the ancients called abundance: “out of the abundance of your heart the mouth speaks.” These tones and frequencies (abundance) correlate to the attitude of the heart that permeates in all and through all that we say and do. The idea expressed above is a new awakening that surfaces, a new potential and position we have in the spirit world. 


We come to realize that through our position in the state of I AM, the whole universe seen and unseen is obedient to us. All things that are seen and unseen come into agreement with the attitude of spiritual prestige we have through the state of I AM. It is utterly important that we catch this; many of us are defeated, not because we lost, but because our attitude stinks. We don’t realize the power instilled within our attitude is actually what surfaces through our words and actions. We are to realize this new-found position we now have in the heavenly realms through our awareness of God the infinite universal consciousness within us. 


Think about it, how would you act and feel if you really knew you held a position in the spirit realm? How do you think you would walk and talk if you really truly believed that you had spiritual prestige that subordinated all that we see and cannot see in the world? I promise if you had such an idea like this that resonated in your heart you would have an attitude of spiritual prestige. You would walk and talk with your head raised not because you defeated opposing forces that discourage belief in your heart, but because you are that you are aware of being, nothing more, nothing less. This is the true state of I AM, that which you are presently aware of being is the degree that you are enabled and volume by which your wish is manifested.


All of nature and all of creation waits expectantly and longs earnestly for gods (sons and daugters) to be made known in the fullest state of I AM.


The whole universe waits in anticipation for us!!! The whole universe waits in anticipation for the sons and daughters of humanity to manifest themselves and bring all of creation back into alignment with the original intent for them. 


Every word we speak and every action we do becomes impregnated with creative power! Believe in your authority by an attitude of spiritual prestige. Trust and believe who you truly are. Realize that you are capable of more than what you can or cannot do.


Become convinced so strongly in your heart that your attitude expresses a force throughout all that you say and do. This is truly what acting in authority really means; this is what is given to us, this is what we already have!! This is the attitude behind our wish-fulfillment that will legislate and engineer all of creation in our world. This is the required attitude that must surface in order to experience a more rhapsodized magic manifestation of our deepest desires and wildest dreams.