October 22, 2020 | Intentionality

Infinite consciousness and your thought life are more connected than what you think.

The things you entertain in your mind is of grave importance. There are no barriers between your mind and the universal consciousness or infinite mind; our thoughts are both visible and important to it. Coming to the realization that our thoughts are things and are visible through circumstances that surfaces in our lives is a must to be able to use the true magic of the mind. Remember the magic of a man is the power of thought. Our thought life can either be acceptable or unacceptable and we can determine that as situations will reflect the exact states of our minds. If we want to change the situations that surround us, it starts with changing the way we think and feel within. 

There are many ancient stories of a world-wide catastrophe and flood that ended all mankind. This story is not purposed for a historical recollection but a powerful lesson and instruction from our ancestors on how to liberate our souls and mind from oppression. The story is intended to show the true power of the imagination and what happens when we allow it to run carelessly. Can you believe that? Do you realize that the story was proving that the reason the flood of destruction rose upon the land of humanity had nothing to do with the outer actions, but instead the inner activity of the mind? The thoughts and imagination was void of life, intent, and purpose. This is the ingredient for ruin and destruction in any given situation. When our thinking goes bad, and so do we. When our thoughts are random, so are the results and circumstances in our lives. But when we think with sacred intention and the power of purpose, then we find the ground-work for success.

This doesn’t mean that we can control every thought that arrives in our mind from the world around us. While we cannot prevent thoughts from coming to the door of our minds, we can choose which thoughts we are going to allow inside. Whatever we allow to captivate our thought life will eventually control our lives. The life you are experiencing today is largely a result of your thought life. Whatever we continually meditate upon will begin to program our reason, feelings, and will. Over time, we will subconsciously make choices to speak and act in ways that are consistent with the prevailing thoughts in our minds.

Take responsibility for your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS! Our lives are only as good as our thoughts!

So, How do you evaluate your thought life??? One way to evaluate your thought life is by examining your FEELINGS.

Feelings come from your thinking. The first step to renewing your mind is to take ownership of your own thought life. The truth is that we are powerless to change anything for which we refuse to accept responsibility. 

Becoming aware of what and how you think is an important first step to developing a new mind that reflects the life we want. 

What are the limiting and defeating thoughts that you find yourself returning to repeatedly during the day?

What patterns of thinking do you find your mind drifting towards?

Look at each thought or feeling and ask yourself….

How you could think or feel differently about the situation.

Ask, Is this thought/feeling valid?

Is it worth yielding control of your mind to think like that?

What are other ways I could view this?

Is thinking about this in such a manner changing anything for the better?

What would happen if I replaced this thought or image with something hopeful and positive?

What if I spent this time thinking about good things instead of bad things?

Begin to evaluate your thought life by examining your feelings TODAY!!