October 29, 2020 | Focused Thinking

The Treasure in your chest….. Is found in your HEART!

All organisms on this planet use vibration, a.k.a. energy, as the primary means of communication. Quantum physics teaches us that everything in this universe is made out of immaterial energy, and everything radiates energy. It is a given fact of science that every atom and every molecule absorbs and radiates energy, including you. Because all organisms are made out of atoms and molecules, you and I and every living thing are radiating energy, vibes.

All organisms broadcast unique vibratory signatures. The heart is the receiving and responding organ that reads our energy fields. Neuro-cardiologists have discovered that there is literally a brain in the heart – that the heart itself is a brain.

This “heart brain” communicates within the body neurally, hormonally, and energetically. Heart cells not only pulse, but they also radiate a strong electrical field or signal, a current that has an amplitude of 40 – 60 times greater than brain waves. The heart’s electromagnetic field (EMF), which is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain, is strong enough to be measured as far as 15 feet around the body. Energy – information that vibrates – flows constantly between the heart and the brain, assisting with emotional processing, sensory experience, memory, and derivation of meaning from events, and reasoning. The Treasure in your chest….. Is found in your HEART!

We must learn the practice and build the habit of meditating… Meditation is simply the practice of mindful thinking. It focuses more on what we fill our minds with than anything. The Hebrew word for meditating comes from the word hagah: To make a long-lasting sound, such as repeatedly striking the string of a harp so as to make a lasting sound. The Hebrew word used for the heart is leb. It is the Hebrew word for the core of one’s soul, thought, imagination, and memory.

Just think about what long lasting sounds we create when we set our minds repetitively on any particular idea or thing.

The Hebrews paints a beautiful picture of the meaning of these word that grasps important details. When we think, we are creating long-lasting sounds within our imagination that is communicated through vibes into the atmosphere.

When we focus on anything for an extended period of time, we create a “SOUND” that vibrates in our minds. This vibration will begin to fill our perspective of life, eventually making us sensitive to things that have the same “RESONANCE” or “FEELING.” Positive or negative, right or wrong, blessing or cursing, the focus of our imaginations will begin to gravitate people and circumstances that are tuned to that same frequency. And whatever we repetitively imagine in our minds long enough will begin to influence our thinking, impact the direction of our choices, and become our experience.

Whatever we thing about over time, we begin to gravitate into our lives.

Our minds begin to draw connections and reinforce beliefs that cause us to become mesmerized on such ideas. This is why it is so important to develop the right meditations. Whatever fills your mind will eventually fill your life!

THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WE ALREADY DO…. Each of us meditates every day. In our spare moments, while walking around throughout the day, silently waiting in line at a restaurant, during work, or even during a class, you best believe you’re meditating on something.

These meditations of our hearts are powerfully impacting the way we experience life and they are putting forth their particular sound—either attracting or repelling us from the lives we truly want.

We must become very careful with how we think because our lives are shaped by our thoughts.

Let’s become more watchful of how we think because our thoughts are the very building blocks of our lives.

Let us take possession of the treasure in our chest….. The magic of the HEART!