November 6, 2020| Focused Thinking

The Definition of “take captive:” to capture, captivate, dominate, or control.


What we think about is crucial to who we are. Scientists don’t agree on how many thoughts we have each day, but all agree there are thousands of them. Who we are is shaped moment by moment by the thoughts we choose to focus on. But how can we control the thousands of thoughts that enter our mind each day? What do we do with the thoughts that no longer serve us? How can we, in reality, take captive our thought life?

We must become vigilant in how we think; our life is shaped by the thoughts we think.

Do you control your thoughts, or do your thoughts control you?

A driver always steers his vehicle with the focus more on where he is going rather than on what he is going through.

If the driver constantly changes roads from one minute to the next focusing on the traffic, the vehicle is more likely to go in circles than it is to arrive at the desired destination.

This relates to how we think; we likewise must think intentionally. We must not allow problems of our day to dictate our lives… We can take control of these elements and direct their course to a greater end. How do we do this you might ask?

We must think ON purpose, WITH purpose, TOWARDS purpose.

Your thoughts shape your life!!!

Line up your thinking with your destination…. If you only think about where you have been, then that is where you will keep on going…. If you only think about the traffic in your life, then you will continue to find roadblocks along your way…. Your thoughts are the building blocks of your LIFE!!! The world unfolding before us… is a reflection of the thoughts we CHOOSE to focus on.

How do you think about the things happening in your life and world?

Do you think the world is a terrible place or a wonderful place?

Do you think the world is falling apart or do you think that it is a fascinating place?

Do you think your life is terrible or do you think things are great and getting better every day?

Do you always think about what you don’t have or do you look at what you do have with gratitude and appreciation?

Do you think about what you can’t do instead of thinking what you can do?

Do you think about the problems that you have or do you always think about solutions?

Do you think you can accomplish your goals or do you feel that there are too many obstacles and too many reasons for you not to achieve your goals?

Do you come up with reasons why you can’t do something or do you look at ways that you can do what you want?

Your answers to these questions will clearly explain the state of your life. Why?

For example: if you think on why you can’t do something then you will continually find yourself in circumstances and situations that will lead to failure.

For example: If you think there is no work because you don’t have the education it takes then your HEART will pull you towards the events, people and situations that will reinforce that belief. If you looked closely and honestly at how you think, you would find that the way you see things is not always the way things really are.

This is why we must be careful how we think… We will always find what we are looking for whether it’s the problem or the solution.

So, what do we do? We must think only the thoughts that compliment the arrival to our destination.

If I am on the road driving to my destination and a blockage in my path presents itself, I can choose to stop and turn back, or proceed to another road that will promote the arrival to my expected end. This is not saying I will always know what to do, or where to go. This is saying that I will always find the path along the way, if I know where it is that I am going.

If we think towards the direction of our desired expectations, though difficulties and hindrances may come… we won’t be stopped. Our thoughts will bring us towards the necessary tools and people that will aid us towards our destinations.

You will only arrive at the places you are thinking about. Quit turning your life in circles. Your feet can only travel the places that your mind has already been.