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Obeyah products utilize a nice sense of symbolism and signs that suggest to the mind an awakening. In addition to the sacred geometrical sign on the shirt, you'll notice the lettering "Exodus 19:5." This may appear to be a Bible verse, but there is more.
19.5° is an important number for many reasons. Some mystics relate this degree to “hyperdimensional physics” mythos. While this is beyond the scope of this explanation, suffice to say, “A tenet of these views holds that vast amounts of energy originating from dimensions we cannot perceive are available at latitudes 19.5° both south and north on the Sun and every planet in the solar system” (Richard C. Hoagland).
In other words, Hoagland and fellow believers claim that it is at 19.5° latitude on every body in the solar system that we have the access point of source and primal energy. Obeyah shirts honor this universal truth to infinite energy with the mark "Exodus 19:5," on the sleeve. This symbolizes the vein that leads to the 19.5° of the human body, "the Heart."

The shirts are Gildan with its preshrunk cotton mixed with polyester, so that they are almost guaranteed not to shrink. With a 5.6 oz. weight, the heavy cotton and hearty polyester create the durability rivaling Ultra Cotton and Heavy Cotton, but with a touch more softness.

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